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Fire Drill Podcast: Facebook groups’ place in the financial independence arena

I chat with J. from Fire Drill about how I started a local community Facebook group to help locals find out what’s going on in town, recommend businesses to each other and work on initiatives together. This community group now generates income since I connected it to a business.

You’ll love this chat.

We also talk about…

  • How to monetize a Facebook group
  • What to charge and to whom
  • The emotional side of being a group admin
  • The pros and cons of managing a community
  • How to stay on top of content


Click to listen: firedrillpodcast.com/how-i-turned-a-facebook-group-into-a-full-time-income-grouptize

About the podcast:

On Fire Drill Podcast, host J. discusses a wide range of topics in the Financial Independence arena. From real estate to starting your own online business to making bank writing romance novels to full time travel to AirBnb and more. If there’s someone out there making their dreams happen, the Fire Drill host wants to talk about it. This podcast is about educating – and entertaining!

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