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Quick tip: Two techniques to send an alert your entire Facebook group

One of the must frustrating parts of being an admin is trying to get an update or a message out your entire group.

Currently, Facebook does not allow any sort of messaging to the entire group. You can make and pin announcements, but people tend to ignore those, unfortunately.

So, what do you do when you need to make sure an alert will definitely appear in your members’ news feed?

There are two ways to do it: whenever you make a change to the group description or the group header, your entire group will see an update in their news feed.

While this isn’t the perfect way to make an announcement, it is something to have in your toolbox for when you really need to get people’s attention.

How to change your Facebook group description:

1. From your Facebook group page, scroll down to Group Settings.

edit group settings

2. From there, click on Edit Name and Description.

edit facebook group name and description

3. Make your changes.

facebook group change name and description

4. Don’t forget to SAVE!

save updates

As soon as you save the changes, an alert will go out to your group members that the name and/or description has been changed.

(Note: if you are making multiple changes to the description, try to make them all at once so you don’t annoy your group members with multiple newsfeed alerts!)

How to change your Facebook group header:

1. Navigate to your Facebook group.

2. On the header click EDIT.

3. Upload a new header and reposition if necessary.

How to change your Facebook group header

4. BONUS: Add text to describe the header – if you have any links referenced in your image, you will want to add them to the header’s description. To do this, simply click on your header image to edit and add text. I also recommend adding it in the comments as well.

how to update your facebook group header - instructions

5. Don’t forget to save!

Word to the wise: Be careful not to overuse or abuse these techniques. You don’t want to annoy your group members to the point where they unfollow your group. I would recommend limiting the header update to once or twice per week and the group description update to a couple of times per month.

Are you having trouble getting your Facebook group header size exactly right?

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