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Admins now able to decline Facebook group member requests – with feedback!

Wouldn’t it be great, when you declined a potential person membership into your Facebook group, if you could let that person know the reason?

Guess what? You can now decline a membership request and add your feedback!

Similar to the “decline with feedback” option in pending group posts, you will be able to select this new option by clicking on the three dot menu to the right of the approve and decline buttons:

Facebook groups: decline a member with feedback

Once you select the dots, scroll down to Decline with feedback:

Facebook groups: decline a member with feedback
You can then select a reason for declining the request and include an optional personal message to include with the feedback the member receives.

People who get this feedback will see it came from “an admin” and will not show the name of the admin or moderator declining the request.

Facebook groups: decline a member with feedback
You can use “Decline with feedback” for:

  • Letting prospective members know they were declined simply because they did not answer any of your questions. This will help to remind them to respond to the questions when they try to rejoin a second time.
  • Asking prospective members to request to join again with additional information in their answers to the group membership questions.
  • Sharing the specific requirement they don’t appear to meet (like belonging to a certain neighborhood or town) and inviting them in the comments to let you know if there’s a good reason they should still be allowed into the group.
  • Recommend similar or alternative groups that might be a better fit for them.

This feature is coming soon to all groups on all devices.

How will you be using the “decline with feedback” option in your group?

Drop it in the comments!

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