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How to allow Facebook business pages to join your group

I recently made the decision to allow business pages to join my Facebook group. (Read more about my reasoning here.)

I needed to change my group settings in order to let this happen.

If you’re looking to allow Facebook pages to join your group, here’s how to allow it to happen (note instructions are based on a desktop experience):

Step 1:

Open the settings menu by clicking on the teeny tiny menu option in the upper left corner.

open facebook group menu

Step 2:

Scroll down to the Settings menu item. Then click on Edit Group Settings:

edit facebook group settings

Step 3:

Scroll down to Manage membership and click the edit icon next to Who can join the group.

manage membership

Step 4:

Select the radio button next to Profiles and Pages. By selecting this, you allow both Pages and profiles to request to join your Facebook group.

Don’t forget to click Save!

profiles and pages can join

Step 4:

Update your rules.

Will you let pages join and post? Or just join and lurk? Can they comment on posts?

Will you use this as lead generation (meaning, will you reach out to new business pages and try to get them to advertise with you?)

Be very clear on what business pages can do in your group.

Step 5:

Hype it up! Let your community know!

  • Announce it in your group and other social media channels
  • Send an email out to your email list – especially your list for any businesses.
  • Change any advertising packages you have to let businesses know they can join the group, especially if you previously did not permit them to join.

Trying to join a Facebook group as a page?

(and having trouble?)

Read this: How to join a Facebook group as a business page

Not sure if you want to allow Facebook business pages to join your group?

Read this before you make your decision.

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