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On April 22, 2024 Facebook will remove all 3rd party apps in Facebook groups

This means if you use a social media scheduler like CoSchedule, Zapier, or something similar, it will no longer work to automate posting into a Facebook group.

This is super frustrating to Facebook admins – all of us unpaid – because it makes our jobs harder. I also really feel for the third party apps who have developed these scheduling and streaming apps that help Facebook admins out. What will happen to their businesses?

But, I digress… I’m offering a few workarounds below, so that you can start planning for this change.

Note that these schedulers WILL still work for automated posting on a Facebook page, to Twitter, Google, etc. Similarly, video streaming apps and software like Streamyard may not work as they had previously.

Workarounds after April 22:

1. For posts that are nearly identical, which you make on a regular basis, schedule a recurring post in your group.

The advantage to this is that, as with many social media schedulers, you can “set it and forget it.”

Current offerings for this feature are:

  • once a day
  • once a week
  • once every two weeks
  • once a month.

screenshot of how to post a facebook recurring post

I host a “Meme Monday” weekly in my group. Previously, I had used CoSchedule for these, but going forward, I will schedule the same recurring invitation to submit memes, for every Monday. I used to mix up a series of 6 prompts, which I liked for variation. Because of the deprecation, I can now only post the same identical prompt, unless I change it up once in a while. I’m disappointed but it’s not the end of the world.

2. Schedule posts manually in your group as your personal profile, or as a Facebook page.

I get it. This is not ideal. I’d rather not spend hours of extra time scheduling posts that I used to be able to automate.

But, at least with this option, you don’t have to spend time every single day scheduling your posts.

Still not ideal, because this takes time!

If you’ve never scheduled a post before, you click on the small calendar icon in the lower left corner:

screenshot of how to schedule a post in facebook

You can do it up to 60 days in advance:

screenshot of how to schedule a post in facebook

You can always see all of your scheduled posts or change their date. To do this, click on “scheduled posts” in your admin panel. Here, you can see all of your scheduled posts, and edit them if necessary.

screenshot of facebook group admin panel

3. Schedule posts as a Facebook page in Meta

If you have a Facebook business page that is connected to and can post to your group, you can schedule posts in a more organized fashion (and to multiple locations) in the Meta business panel.

In order to access this for the first time (this also works for the 348th time), you must first switch to your Facebook page. The option to “save time by sharing your post to multiple Facebook groups with Meta Business Suit” will come up:

screenshot of facebook page meta scehduler option

When you click “Try it,” the meta scheduler is opened up. If you don’t see your group right away, click “see more groups.” Note that you can also select multiple groups.

screenshot of facebook meta business page scheduler

Create your post – it will look something like the screenshot below. Note that you can schedule a date and time, use hashtags, etc.

Facebook meta business suite scheduled post screenshot

Note that you can also see all of your scheduled posts in your calendar:

screenshot of all meta scheduled posts

Not sure if your current processes will work?

If you’re confused or have specific questions as to whether or not an app you use in conjunction with your Facebook group will function after April 22, I would advise you to contact the “helpdesk” for your specific app.

What changes do you need to make to your groups in order to accommodate the Facebook API groups deprecation?

Post in the comments!

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